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THE NEW SHOT DEC 2010: SHU-SHO - "Lost And Found: Vol 1"

"Life of Leisure (Life from the Cuchifrito Room)" Music Video here:

To wrap up the year we thought we'd dig even deeper and unleash the unreleased. Ya know? Start a series within a series. "LOST AND FOUND Vol 1". In case ya don't know, the NEW SHOT's happen every month (some sooner than others) and occasionally we're gonna pull some bilingual booty bumpers out the vault and throw a little light on 'em. For December's version of THE NEW SHOT we've collected five cuts that for some reason or another never got out into the world. The first "LOST AND FOUND" release contains the following songs:
1. "Tu Y Yo (The Children)" - A tight little dance groove that begs you (thru lyrics and bass) to come away with us.
2. "Cornelius" - A tribute to SHU-SHO's bass playin' rock, Mr. John D. Cornelius.
3. "The Same Mistake" - Maybe it's the season, maybe it's the wine but it feels so right.
4. "Life of Leisure (Live From The Cuchifrito Room)" - A lil' bossa nova trick from the "See Jane Run" soundtrack that was never released. It never was live but it's always fresh.
5. "Amor X-Large" - A D&B rocker about wanting to be that thing between the Ex and the Next.

Now all these coulda been, shoulda been, woulda beens are here buck naked for your perusal. And you're welcome. They might even pop up in the future with different flavors but right now they're yours. Please proceed and download away. Tell your friends. And have yourself a merry little SHU-SHO holiday!

The video for "Life of Leisure (Live From The Cuchifrito Room)" was done with the amenities at and edited on final cut pro and SHU-SHO's first cartoon joint. You need to check out Goanimate if you ever want to make your own cartoon, it's easy and cheap (maybe even free). Go to and create your own spongebob or Ren and Stimpy. Our video is a little New Year's party celenration with resolutions and all, would you like to go? Click here:
It's all part of the last NEW SHOT of 2010. Because the deal is, we release MUSIC and VIDEO every month forever and ever. EVERY MONTH. Always FREE. Until it's not. (Are you still reading?).

Anywho, with this NEW SHOT we'd like to say from the bottom of our funky ass hearts, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY X-MAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you in 2011 where the SHU-SHO-Shenanigans will continue with new music from us and other SHU-SHO related artists like Kumonga Bros., Carla P, Leo Machado, Cavale, Jaswho?, Blanco and Junk, MYBASSISTIGHT and others! Love, love, love, love, love, love and more love y'all. It's the cure for everything. Be good.

Giovanny Blanco, Jaswho?, John D. Cornelius, Carla Pereira, Darren Lolk, Troy Coston.


released December 20, 2010

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