NEW SHOT March 2011: SHU​-​SHO - "SPiGGa: DEMOlition 1996"

by SHU-SHO (as SPiGGa)

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THE NEW SHOT for MARCH 2011: SHU-SHO - "SPiGGa: DEMOlition 1996"

As the release date for FATCAMP creeps up we'd like to start at the beginning, well almost. Jaswho and I have been making music since our high school days in the late 80's and early 90's. After those initial years we kind of went our separate ways. Musically, I went on to join CT electronic rock band Liquid Circus and Jaswho joined long standing New England reggae outfit, Cool Runnings. We also attempted some schooling away from our Hartford hometown to New York and Florida (we went to competing Audio Engineering schools). It was around 1996 when work brought me down to Orlando and I spent a few days with Jay (Jaswho) while he was attending Full Sail. We had missed our 4 track recording days and at this point Jaswho was working with Tascam 8 track real to real (or was it Teac) light years ahead from our tape recorder to tape recorder technique we'd mastered for our first recordings. Eager to make some noise we worked on more than a few songs in a couple of days. This month's NEW SHOT is the collection of four of these classics - the same four we released as our first official recording as SPiGGa - "DEMOlition". All four songs different from each other and enough of a warning to ourselves and our potential listeners of our desire to make all kinds of music.

The first song "Another Revolution" is a love letter to Prince. Our personal message to the purple genius that inspired us to be as crazy as we were to stop being content with so-so songs and music...IN 1996! We still love the man, we owe him so much. This little laid back rocker is just a request for him to get weird again. We miss the crazy Prince. Check out the tribute video here:

The second song was inspired by some of the electronic and industrial music of the time, primarily NIN. Lyrically the song isn't terribly subtle but it was what we were feeling at the time. The Hispanic kid and the black kid making the music we loved and many viewing it as a gimmick at the time. But we loved the music. "Stereotyped" is a middle finger for the non believers and a song I sometimes wished we would've played live.

The third song "Cosa Nueva" might of been our first foray into bilingual pop (we eventually recorded a Spanish version) this original version is Spanish in title only. I always loved this little ditty for the string stabs in the chorus and my uncanny ability to make "unfortunate" sound like "infortunate".

The last of the four "Words Left Unsaid" is one of my favorite songs we've ever recorded. To me it sounds very 1996 but endearingly so. The scenario is borderline (OK, it stomps on the border) of being melodramatic and theatrical but it's definitely dramatic. Great drums and background vocals by Jaswho. I love every second of it.

There it is. A little SHU-SHO time capsule. Savor it. It's the NEW SHOT for March 2011 and it's FREE.


released March 31, 2011

Giovanny Blanco = Vocals
Jaswho? = Everything Else



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