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This month (Feb 2011) shining the spotlight on a former SHU-SHO/SPiGGa member, the bass playing Nicaraguan, LEO MACHADO. (Because you can always join the SHU-SHO family but you can never leave).

LEO MACHADO's first CD "Solo Quedan Palabras" (Jaque Mate Records) was just released on iTunes Feb 22nd and it's a fantastic collection of ten 70's flavored, Spanish Rock Love songs that set the mood (wine and candles not included). Don't take our word for it, here's what's Alicia Monsalve had to say about it, "Leo Machado toma como referencia en este trabajo a agrupaciones germinales de l a fusión pop latina, el kitsch latino de los sesenta y setentas, como Los Ángeles Negros, el romanticismo empalagoso de Los Bukis y las canciones de Manuel Alejandro, pero las pinta con la oscuridad del otros maestros como Robi Draco Rosa." Our thoughts exactly. Can't read Spanish? Just listen to the music then. Go ahead. Do it.

Here at SM23 we thought we would celebrate LEO MACHADO's new CD with a little fun of our own. "ERES POEMA" is the title of the New Shot but it's also a song from LEO's "Solo Quedan Palabras". The first song is a remix by DOMINICA (the side project of Leo Machado and Giovanny Blanco) of "Eres Poema" off of Leo's new CD that's even more syrupy than the original with a video to match. Shot at the SM23 headquarters during the recording of the "Eres Poema", the video shows Leo at his most laid back. Check it out here -

The remainder of the NEW SHOT is comprised of a demo, "Hermosa Peligrsa" recorded in preparation of "Solo Quedan Palabras" sessions that got lost along the way, a remix (by RADIO LAMAPA) of "Que Se Caigan Las Estrellas" (another of the stellar cuts off "Solo Quedan Palabras") and a haunting acapella of the same song (ready for any remixers out there to dissect and re-imagine). This special New Shot of "Eres Poema" and extra rarities is FREE to download (like all the New Shots). If you like what you hear go ahead and check out Leo Machado's website at and pick up his debut cd "Solo Quedan Palabras" at iTunes now. Spread the love!

Available now on iTunes:
Shot with a Flip and iPhone 4.


released February 28, 2011

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Track Name: LEO MACHADO - "Eres Poema" (Dominica Remix)
Tus ojos son mi consuelo, el verlos me da ilusion
Me hacen soñar despierto. Inspiran esta cancion.
Tu pelo, tu bello pelo. Tocarlo, poner mis manos.
Tu cara, esa sonrisa. Yo solo quiero estar a tu lado.

Eres el sol de mi mañana!
Eres la luna de mis noches.
Eres mi fuego en el invierno!
Eres poema hecho cancion.

Tus manos es todo mi calor.
Me abrazas. Me quitas las palabras.
Tu boca...adornando tu cara.
Me besas! Ya no se que decir...