EL QUICKIE "Here Today, Gone Mañana"

by supermercado23

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L.A. Band EL QUICKIE'S First Show Will Be Its Last

LOS ANGELES TIMES-featured quartet EL QUICKIE is set to break up after its first and final show on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 at the GOOD HURT in West Los Angeles, CA.

The latest project by director-musician GIOVANNY BLANCO (SHU-SHO, Spigga, Viva Malpache!, Cornelius and LATV), EL QUICKIE is the focal point of the forthcoming film "Music Saved My Life", a documentary by Blanco about the lives of struggling musicians over 30. Blanco created EL QUICKIE with these specific goals in mind:

1. Form a band with musicians who are 30 years of age or older.
2. Write, record and release a CD.
3. Release at least two music videos.
4. Develop a fan base through social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.
5. Perform live for the first time on September 27.
6. Break up immediately after the show.
7. Document the whole process for the documentary "Music Saved My Life".

Blanco hatched the plan July 29th and immediately contacted promoter A&M Productions (Safari Sams, Sabor Lounge, Good Hurt). He set a date (SEP. 27) at the Los Angeles club GOOD HURT despite having no band members. Blanco's search for fellow musicians was carried out through ads on Craigslist, mass emails and MySpace bulletins.

Guitarist JOSE MORALES, leader of L.A. punk band NO WAY JOSE was the first to join. Bassist MOISES "VIRALATA" BAQUEIRO of now-defunct Latin Alternative faves LOS ABANDONED was soon welcomed into the fold. Weeks later, EL QUICKIE added Paul Rinis of L.A. indie darlings IO ECHO after a two minute audition. Inspired by John Oates (Hall & Oates) and his trademark 'stache, the members of EL QUICKIE rock 70's style mustaches. They've also taken on alter-egos: Giovanny Blanco is "BILLY RAY," Jose Morales is "GINO," Paul Rinis is "PABLITO" and Moises Baqueiro is "EL PROFESSOR." Blanco: "It's like putting on a mask where you're allowed to be as extroverted as the law will allow you to be".

Described as "dirty dance rock," EL QUICKIE is writing and recording at breakneck speed to finish its album, "HERE TODAY, GONE MAÑANA." The band has posted demos on its MySpace page (www.myspace.com/elquickie) that are free for all to download. El QUICKIE has already produced two music videos with two talented directors: SARAH THORP and ANTONIO PEREZ. THORP (Twisted, See Jane Run) handles the frenetic "Crash and Burn" (view it now at www.elquickie.com) while PEREZ helms "Right on Time (El Quickie)" which premieres TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 on www.elquickie.com.

"EL QUICKIE has been spontaneous, liberating, surprising and a ridiculous amount of fun so far," reveals Blanco. Fun, that according to them, will not end after EL QUICKIE's performance at the GOOD HURT on Saturday Sep 27th when the band calls it quits. Blanco: "EL QUICKIE will break up but we'll take this experience into everything we do for the rest of our lives" says Blanco. Hopefully, so will you.


EL QUICKIE'S first and final show is on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 at the GOOD HURT in West Los Angeles, CA.

For more information please contact:

Antonio Flatbush at Supermercado23 - 213-804-3268 - smtwentythree@yahoo.com



released September 27, 2008

Written, Performed and Produced by EL QUICKIE
Giovanny Blanco - BILLY RAY - Vocals and Keys
Jose Morales - GINO - Guitars
Moises Baqueiro - EL PROFE - Bass and Keys
Paul Rinis - PABLITO - Drums

Mixed by BRIAN SPRINGER at Precision Studios Studio City, CA
Tracks 3 and 7 mixed by James Sakrisian
Keys on track 5 by Jaswho?
Background Vocals on track 1 by Matilda Blanco
and on track 6 by Sarah Thorp



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Track Name: Crash and Burn
Sometimes the night is all forgiving
but for you it’s just the same
You’re the wasted pretender
all play and no game (no game)

You’re gonna Crash and Burn
(vas a quemar, a quemar, mamacita)
One of these days you’re gonna learn
(vas a quemar, a quemar, mamacita)
If you wanna mess around with the kid tonight you have to wait your turn(Calma y Paciencia, baby)

It might feel like a competition
but it sure as hell ain’t no race
Itchy trigger fingers miss their mark
pull back slow down save face (save face)

Repeat Chorus- Ooh wee baby, you’re gonna learn

(take your time)
We’re all angels in flight tonight
You can’t earn them wings unless you get it right
So pace yourself let the poison take hold
(take it slow)
Baby you’ve got fire and soul
But it don’t mean shit without self control
If you go to far you’ll never return

Repeat Chorus - One of these days, pretty mama, you’re gonna learn

Calma y paciencia, baby
Track Name: Star Superstar
It's so nice to see you you took a long while to find
You know things they happen
and the years haven't been so kind
Past the Distant Days of wonder you're lookin' fine
Darkness will go on without you
cause it your time now to shine

You're a Star (hey) you're a superstar honey
and I know you know who you are
You like the lead en una pelicula de almodovar
You're a Star (hey) you're a superstar honey
and I know you know who you are
You've seen it all, you've taken all the hits
and you sure know how to wear a scar
You're a Star (hey) you're a superstar honey and I know U know who you are (yes you are)

It's so great to see you
I wasn't sure you'd come around
There was no where to run to (no where to...)
the last time you hit the ground
After teaching some angels how to sing (yeah)
and fire how to burn
All the good times they freed you
and the rest well, you lived and learned

And now that someone's there that shares your face, shares your heart - Its time for everyone to make way for the blaze of your star
Track Name: Kill the DJ
En mi barrio me dicen el Britanico
Y vivo al oeste del Atlantico
Modas vienen, modas van y sigo siendo anormal - Pero en este momento soy algo muy especial

Quien mata a la escena
yo no se, yo no fui, yo no se

Y quien vendra a salvar el DJ (Kill the DJ)
Si la musica nunca va parar (Kill the DJ)
Y quien vendra a matar el DJ (Kill the DJ)
Si la musica nunca va parar (Kill the DJ)

Transistores con motores y radios que funcionan en off
(en off)
Miercoles son seductores con mucho mucho pop
(pop, pop, pop)
La metropoli me controla asi ya no soy yo
(ya no soy yo) Y solo quiero bailar

Y ya no soy un espectador
mi cuerpo esta girando bajo un reflector
la ultima escena tras bastidor-eee-stamos
en estado estatico con sitema automatico

Yo no tengo la culpa de haber nacido aqui
Yo no tengo la culpa de haber crecido asi
Track Name: Past Tense Pendejo
Same ten songs on the radio
Same two beats on the dance room floor
Fashion Chic always seems retro
Don’t nobody like “lo Nuevo”

Nostalgia’s kicked us in the teeth (wo-wo-wo)
Now we just suck on memories (wo-wo-wo)
Just ‘cause it has no price it doesn’t make it free (damn)
Where have them good ol’ days all gone?

Same damn thing at the movie show (oh yeah oh yeah)
Buddy cop rock with an 80’s flow (oh yeah oh yeah)
Stuck in time on the TV screen (oh yeah oh yeah)
Record, rewind, replay, repeat (oh yeah oh yeah)

repeat Chorus
(past time pendejo)
Why are we afraid to move on?
(past tense pendejo)
How did we survive for so long?

Window hung speakers booming out for blocks
Pedro Guerrero in the batters box
Caufield copies on every page
Fat boy gazelles lookin’ all the rage
Cranberry Lees and Adidas on the make (oh yeah oh yeah)
Crazy Legs dancin’ on the break (oh yeah oh yeah)
All day laughing with Chavo del Ocho (oh yeah oh yeah)
Barney Miller bass line say ho! (ho)
Ice Cream man tell me whatcha got (oh yeah oh yeah)
Walking on air baby ready or not (oh yeah oh yeah)
Mall Betties dressed like Ciccone would (oh yeah oh yeah)
If it’s Goya then it has to be good (oh yeah oh yeah)
Hall and Oates doin’ it in a minute (oh yeah oh yeah)
What more can I say, Top Billin’ (oh yeah oh yeah)
Miracle Mets going all the way (oh yeah oh yeah)
Man, do I miss them good ol’ days (oh yeah oh yeah)
Santa Memoria, Santa Memoria, Santa Memoria
Track Name: No Time at All
I ain't trying to be cute I ain't trying to be clever
But one night with you would last me forever
Just a few good hours not a second more
With a kiss goodbye you'd see me no more

This ain't no game this ain't no joke
The less spent time the better
I'd seriously like to propose
The less spent time the better
We make the first time the last
The less spent time the better
Forget the future and the past
Right now lets get together

No time for loss, no time for pain
no time for crying in the rain
no time to fight, kiss and make up
no time to tear each other apart
no time for stress or empty threats
no time for failure or regret
no time, no time, no time, no time at all
no time for you to piss me off

no time at all no time at all
Make a decision, make up your mind
this is a quickie of different kind
Don't mess about don't even think
This moment's a lot more precious than you think

una noche para recordar - una noche para gozar
una noche para saborear - una noche sin igual
una noche sin maldad - para nunca olvidar
Track Name: The Man I Used to Be
hoo-hoo-hoo hoo
Sometimes it's hard for me to go out at night
I just want to get loose I just want to get right
But I run into those who act a fool
and I ain't no pacifist but I like to play it cool
There was a time when I'd punch your face
So I'll just step back and give you some space
you see right now I'm in a different place
cause I'm a changed man - hoo-hoo-hoo

Sometimes it's hard for me to go out in the day
but I gotta go to work and I gotta get paid
and there are certain individuals who like to mess with what you earn
then your patience dissipates and those ignorant will learn
I might pull back I might bight my lip
Cause back in the day I would just let 'er rip
But it would be for no ones benefit
I know now cause I'm a changed man

I know the effects and the consequences
the different stories with the same old ending
I'm not wise I'm just understanding - I know all this will pass
If there's one good thing you can take away
it's the one thing you'll never get
so no strain, no sweat

the man I used to be, man I used to be a-hu

sometimes it's hard for me to go out at all
but there certain things that can't be taken care of with a call
so if we bump bump into each other on the road
there are few things that I'd like you to know
don't give me no trouble don't give me no stress
I might play nice but I wouldn't bet on it
just be careful cause I might forget
that I'm a changed man (for the better)
Track Name: What She Say ('Cause She Lie)
It's alright if whatever she want you never say no
It's hard to resist when she go-go
So hard it leaves you dry
If you only knew what I know now I know you'd let go
It's hard to believe just cause I said so
but not hard to imagine why

Right now I really couldn't give a damn (give a damn)
if she run around town with another man (another man)
your just another piece in her master plan
cause she lie, (she lie) cause she lie (she lie)
I'd enjoy the ride but if I were you
keep an eye on what she say and what she do
if you feel it's different I feel bad for you
cause she lie, cause she lie

I ain't sayin she's a waste of your time because it ain't so
but after the high prepare to get low
so low you'll want to die
and if it doesn't kill ya at least you can take a good blow
get chewed and spit out of the dog show
and still come out alright (you'll be alright)

I would take her back i if had the chance
anything just to see her do her dance
but i lose all my control when she lose her pants
cause she lie...
I'm really not sure if I'm getting through
She already walked all over you
I'm standing right here and you can't get the clue
she lie...
Track Name: Right on Time
Let me tell ya about of the deal of the day
hurry now act quick and call right away
If you get a busy signal just pay no mine
we'll be done in no time (el quickie, el quickie)
The state of the world has got you down
and they're ain't been nobody comin' round
to show you some love and put a smile on your face
then go on their merry way
(you need it, we got it)

You know you want it just come and get it
cause el quickie's gonna give it to ya right on time
You know you want it just come and get it
cause el quickie's gonna give it to ya right Right!

El Quickie te lo va a dar pim pum pan El Quickie te lo va a dar

Satisfaction ain't exactly guaranteed
but you don't have to pay if you don't like what you see
cause it's first come first served any way you want it
the customer is always right and el quickie is right on it

dame un trozo de tu tiempo un maldito momentito
y que el nombre no te engane que esto no es rapidito
porque el quicke es una ciencia de sudor y segunditos
un salten de ritmo y aceite sasonado y refrito
en la puerta hay una cajita pa tus quejas y sugestiones
pero esta siempre vacia aqui no hay desilusiones
asi que si algo te hace falta que sea bueno y barato
el quickie te lo lo da y te lo da por un buen rato

you can look the other way, you can disagree
El Quickie'll change your mind
From east los to nyc - El Quickie's right on time
Everybody wants to know the recipe
too much will make you blind
like little tiny doses of t-n-t - appetizers for life (nice)